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Birth Country:
Birth State:
Stann Creek
Birth Town:
Full Name:
Vince Lewis
Zodiac Sign:
Country of Residence:
United States
State/Province of Residence:
Town of Residence:
Los Angeles

Vince Lewis aka Aziatic is here. After ten years in the making, a heartbeat still pounds for the meaning of excitement . The Son Of Hopkins. A beautiful coastal Village in the Stann Creek District of Belize . This humbled Garifuna Entertainer and Investor is known as a game changer. Better yet one of the hardest working Puntarock Artist to date. While demanding an aggressive hip shaking response to his music, Aziatic has carved out a style of his own "Punta Pop" while giving his all as a Singer/Song Writer/Composer/Event Planner/Concert Promoter/ Producer and Director. 

Awareness and pride is what a mother instilled in her only son. Where he was raised, Garifuna Music, Food and Dance transcended through the atmosphere. The voices of elders telling stories through music would capture his attention. As well as the smell of fresh baked Cassava Bread and fried Fish. The soul of being Garifuna was not to be forgotten. 

At a young age, his family migrated to the United States of America and exchanged the Tropical Climate of the Mosquito Coast with the Big Apple, in the winter time covered with snow. For five years New York was home and by the mid 80's his family headed west to Los Angeles California. A place where some of the world's biggest Athletes, Entertainers and Movie Stars reside. 

With a bloodline in music and a distinct voice, Aziatic's journey would lead him to combine traditional Garifuna Roots Music with Melodic Pop Elements. What followed was a hybrid version of Puntarock that experimented with both genre's. On return visits to Belize in the mid 90's, Aziatic was embraced by a flourishing Puntarock scene with highly successful concerts and a name never to be lost in the crowed. The hits poured out and so did a local following in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Belize. 

At home in both worlds and inspired by Hip Hop Culture, R&B and Michael Jackson, Aziatic soon realized that more needed to be done for the music and also his peers. This he remembered would not be easy. 

After blowing up the scene with his introduction album “Jam 96X”, Aziatic noticed a lack of unity in the music business and invested heavily in the solution of bringing other performers together by producing events like the “Best of the Best” Punta Rock Concert, concert, One of One Concert and Las Vegas Punta Fest which was developed to employ as well as teach other entertainers about the benefits of working hand in hand. 


Posted: Wed, 02/19/2014 7:03 PM
Every track in the album Jam 96 X is a hit in my mind. My all time favorite song from this album is Fedu. I play this album on a weekly basis and it never goes out of style.

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